Unparalleled access to the broadcast news you need.

News Tracker, lets you choose your keywords and then view the relevant TV and radio clips that contain your mentions. You can receive national and regional broadcast coverage available in real time. This TV and radio coverage includes all 210 U.S. designated market areas and hundreds of international media markets.

Television reaches millions of eyes every day, and radio and podcasts are the go-to source for news and entertainment for millions of ears. Now more than ever, it is critical to track platforms like talk radio and podcasts to know what is being said about your organization or brand.

Television reaches millions of eyes every day

Broadcast is still one of the most pervasive forms of news distribution on the market. Even as news moves online, the majority of Americans still turn to broadcast mediums to get their news on the go. Talk radio is one of the most popular radio station formats, in part because it can give any citizen a voice via call-in lines.

With broadcast monitoring, you can listen in on thousands of radio shows, television broadcasts, and podcasts at once to find out what people are saying that impacts the topics that matter to you.