Media measurement and insight.

Taken on an ongoing basis, or just during certain periods throughout your product or service cycle, we deliver the quantitative and qualitative results no automated PR evaluation system can. Unlike simple circulation or ad values, our comprehensive media measurement services and public relations (PR) measurement tools show you detailed results of your news exposure.

We understand what you need to successfully analyze and measure your media and PR campaigns. We measure not only the major markets like New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago, but all points in between.

Gauge the impact of your efforts

Our collaboration with a leading university allowed us to develop what is considered to be one of the most valid PR measurement methodologies in the United States. Our comprehensive approach for tracking and analyzing all the media hits you want (Print-Broadcast-Web-Social Media) enables us to present the entire information sphere, not just the average 30% that online monitoring services track, but everything that is available. All stories are evaluated by trained analysts, no “artificial intelligence”, to ensure the highest level of reliability in PR measurement.


Starting at just $125/month. Contact us for a quote if you truly want to understand the impact of each news story.